Monday, March 2, 2015

Chinese Spinach (Amaranth)

I love Chinese Spinach (yin choy), especially the round leaf variety. The young tender leaves and stems when stir-fry, tastes really good. These veggies are easy to grow and can be harvested in just 45 days from date of sowing. 

I did not harvest this earlier and they are getting mature with signs of flowers. 

First harvest :
Since these are a little too old to stir-fry, I used them to make some noodles. Blend the leaves and stems with a small amount of water, strain and use the juice for noodle making.

Second harvest : 
The leaves and stems are young, tender and sweet. 

Since the amount is not enough to stir-fry, they went into a quick lunch of instant noodles! 

Happy Gardening !