Friday, August 16, 2013

Malabar Spinach : A Soupy Harvest

I bought a bunch of Malabar Spinach about two months ago, the leaves are small but the stems are very green and healthy, planted them in the styro containers and am happy that they are growing very well with very huge leaves!

The Malabar Spinach are from the container on the right. The stems have grown out of the container, going over to the container on the left and some of the stems have even grown longer and seems to creep up on the wall. Have harvested some leaves and will be clearing the mess soon after my next harvest. Time to replant the stems of the soon-to-be harvested leaves.

 The leaves are rather huge, about the size of my palm.

 Harvested some of the bigger leaves for my cooking pot.

 Malabar Spinach soup, with some fish balls and eggs. Garnish with crispy fried garlic.

Harvested some belimbing for the "nasi-lemak makcik" last week. Seen her today and ask her whether does she still want anymore belimbing, she replied "Oh, yes!"

Happy Gardening !