Friday, May 27, 2016

Pak Choy

Harvested Pak Choy today!

The same plants, a month ago.

 The biggest, from one plant.

Happy Gardening !

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hot Cherry Bomb Pepper

I started this pepper with some seeds which I bought from My Lestary Seeds. After 5 months from date of sowing the seeds, there's only three fruits on the plant. There are dozens of flowers, except for these three, the rest dropped off after blooming their pretty white petals. Perhaps because of the heat wave which we are experiencing the last few months. The high temperature stresses the plant and it quit fruiting!. Even though in general, peppers are warm weather loving plants, but overly high temperature is not good too. 

 Three peppers are better than none at all!

Very cute!

Even cuter when it has turned a ripe red! It does look like a ripe red cherry!

Happy Gardening !