Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heading Mustard (Kai Choy)

When I received Heading Mustard seeds from My Lestary Seeds, I thought that this veggie would not be an easy one to grow as the ones I've seen from the morning market are huge! I sowed six seeds and all seeds germinated. Transferred the seedlings to a container, and  they grow quite quickly. Happy to see that Heading Mustard are easy to grow. They need full sun, though with our extremely hot scorching sun especially, in the afternoon, best to shade them during the afternoon when the sun is at its "peak"!

 The growing stage, probably almost 7-8 weeks old.

Since these are homegrown and the weather is much warmer over here, than the highlands where these are grown, they will not be as huge as the ones I've seen from the morning market. But I am not complaining, these veggies are rather impressive and lovely to look at, with their big leaves and wide broad stems.

Harvest of Heading Mustard, about 3 months from date of sowing the seeds.

I've stir-fried these with slices of meat and ginger. If you have eaten Heading Mustard before, you would know of their slightly pungent and bitter taste. This veggie can be stir-fried, use in soups and braised with meat. I especially love it in a sour and spicy braised dish, where these veggies are braised till they are soft and tender, with roasted or leftover meat,  dried chillies and dried tamarind slices. Delish!

New seedlings! Growing more of this veggie!

Happy Gardening !