Monday, January 24, 2011

Dill Seeds

About 3 months back, I have done a post on dill, here. These are the photos which I have posted earlier in that post. To summarize, I bought this dill plant from Sg. Buloh, along with several other herb plants. My dill plant has since wilted. The flowers are really very beautiful. Grown in clusters of umbels, with tiny yellow flowers. When I did a search from the web, found out that dill is an annual herb with a short life span. How short is short? I've got no idea!

These are the seeds which I've collected. I tried sowing them once but did not germinate. Soon after that, I found some young seedlings among few of my pots! They must have self seeded as the pots are placed around the pot of dill. 

 Found this young seedling and ....

another one.... 

another one growing among my corianders. Got to replant this in another pot soon.

Hopefully my dill plants will grow healthily and provide me with more seeds to share. I'm really looking forward to save other seeds, but my experience in seed-saving is still very new and there are many things that I'm not sure. Apart from the seeds, the leaves are usually picked when mature and dried and then stored for uses in the kitchen. Do leaves already dried on the plants serve the same purpose? I saved the dried leaves from my dill plant before disposing of the plant when it wilted. The smell of the leaves are still wonderful. Any advise from anyone regarding this? Any difference between the leaves that were picked and then dried, and the leaves already dried naturally on the plants?

The only other seeds that I have saved are from my sawtooth coriander. There will be another post on this.

I'm linking this post to "Seed Week" over at Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls, a fabulous blog about home-grown veggies and blooms, really a pleasure to read and an inspiration for "green-horn" like me!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Thank you for showing us every beautiful moment from flower transforming to seeds. I did wonder whether you collected your bolted dill seeds previously. It looks like you have many of it and will be your endless stock to grow new ones. You are going to have many self-sowed dill in your garden now. Fresh dill for your fabalous cooking in the kitchen. I never grown them before although many friends suggested it. I can't wait for your sawtooth coriander. I heard that it is bolting resistant but I can't find the seeds.

  2. Very nice post. For some reason I have a difficult time growing dill.

  3. So much of dhill seeds! I use it in my curry!How about you?

  4. I must get this plant too since its easy to grow and self-seeded, though have not idea how to include it in my cooking.

  5. I like herb plants for their scent they release in the garden ;-) Love them most when I water them. Hope your dill will multiply lots of plants for you. I see Nature has its own way to have plants like dill to be everlasting... replant with seeds in this case ;-D Have a great week!

  6. Hi

    Very nice images. Happy gardening



  7. We don't use the leaves that dried up in the plant... we normally use the fresh leaves as they are... our dill also self seed and they grow quite well with little care... good luck with your dill...

  8. Congrats for such wonderful surprises. I remember telling you that I bought a pack of seed shortly after you last posted on dill. They are still quite small in size. So I guess, the short life cannot be very short because they grow very slowly.

  9. Looking at your success, I feel like growing dill too.

  10. wonderful photo of the dill flowers! how is your dill? are they hardy in our petaling jaya climate? i bought one small pot of dill from isetan klcc supermarket yesterday and they don't seem to be feeling well today. :(

  11. can u share some of your dill seed with me? i wanna try to grow it. thanks