Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arugula Rocket (Lynseed Organics)

Today, I am really excited to share with you, on growing your own veggies using organic seeds from Lynseed Organics. A few months ago, I was approached by Lynseed Organics to try out their organic seeds for homegrown veggies. Of course, I accepted their kind offer with much delight and was really excited when I received the seeds! 

Lynseed Organics is based in the sunny island of Singapore and they offer one of the largest seed collection online in Asia. They carry a variety of specially selected seeds that thrive in our warm tropical climate. Their seeds are 100% GMO-Free, 100% Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, Quality Seeds, Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, so you can be assured of good quality reliable seeds.
They have a wide range of seeds for herbs and vegetables that are suitable for growing in containers and pots, and for home gardeners like myself with limited ground gardening space, this is really fantastic! 

Let's start with the first of the few veggie seeds that I've tried from Lynseed Organics, Arugula Rocket. I have never tried growing my own Arugula Rocket plants. I would hesitate to buy the leaves off the rack from the supermarket, as they are quite costly, a pack would cost about RM6 and if I need it to use as a garnish, that is a pretty expensive garnish! Besides, in order to buy them, I would have to make a special trip to the supermarket like Jusco or Cold Storage as Arugula Leaves are not available in most local supermarkets. Now that I've growing my own Arugula, the only trip I need to make is to walk out to my tiny garden and I can pretty much harvest how much I want from my garden pot! Isn't it great? Big smiles and double thumbs up from me! 

Lynseed Organic's Arugula Rocket seeds.

I sowed the seeds in a rectangular container which I've filled with a mixture of soil, compost and some organic fertilizer. The seeds are scattered in two rows, making sure that the soil is lightly moist and not dry at all times. The seeds germinated on the third day. I apologize for the missing photos of the growing seedlings as something was wrong with my camera and I am unable to view the photos I've taken, and those are not the only ones! (my camera has since been repaired!).

As we know, our weather has been rather hot with such blazing heat. So after about 3-4 hours of morning sun, I moved the container under shade, and I did this for about 3 weeks or so, until the plants are sturdy enough and even then, keep a look-out for days that are extremely hot. Keep them under shade if the sun is soaring and if the day's temperature is high. 

A few plants wilted along the way, which I believe is mostly due to the hot weather. I sowed two rows with seeds and as the young seedlings grow, I did not thin them out, and left them as they are. It is a wonderful process of watching the seedlings grow right up to harvest time.

I harvested some of the leaves on the fifth week, for a roast chicken dish. These leaves are usually used in salads, they are a little peppery in taste, and I absolutely love it!

I use the gorgeous leaves to make Arugula Dressing. If you have not tried using Arugula leaves in a dressing, you should try it. It is really good, with a light peppery taste and light fragrance. Delicious eaten with roasted chicken. And it is really very easy to make.

Recipe : a bunch of arugula leaves, finely chopped, mix with some olive oil, salt and black pepper to taste. You can even use this dressing, spread over slices of baguette and put under the grill for about 2 minutes or so, till the baguette is light brown and crisp. My two kids love this Arugula Dressing. And it feels great making a dish out of your own organic homegrown veggies!

Arugula is one of the nutritious green-leafy vegetable of Mediterranean origin. Depending on the growing conditions and surroundings, they can grow up to 2-3 feet in height, but to enjoy young tender leaves, best harvest when they are just a few inches in height. The leaves will get bitter and very peppery as they mature. Arugula is a good source of folates, rich in vitamin-B complex group, a good source of Vitamin A and a whole load of other nutritional benefits.

Arugula Rocket can also be used in salads, soups, stews, juices and cooked as a vegetable, which I am looking forward to try.

Want to grow your own Arugula? To get the seeds, you may order online from Lynseed Organics. Good news is, Lynseed Organics has kindly offered 10% off to the readers of My Little Potted Garden. Simply enter the coupon code MPG10 at checkout to receive a 10% off across all orders. Please do stop by their online website to view their organic seeds, or their FB page here. Start your own vegetable and herb garden, no matter how small your gardening space is, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of harvesting your own homegrown veggies from the garden pot to the kitchen pot, and be assured of the quality of veggies that you are feeding your family. 

Next post coming up : Roma Tomatoes (Lynseed Organics)

Though the seeds have been sponsored by Lynseed Organics, the reviews are entirely my own.

Happy Gardening !


  1. Hello Joyce, your arugulas look amazing! Also I really like how you use the vege to make a dressing - to make that rocket chic tastier. So now you are a garden to table chef ;-) And thank you for introducing the seeds!

  2. Looks so interesting! I have never grown it on my garden, I should try it

  3. I love arugula, they're great in salads and pizza.That's wonderful you get to try their seeds, I'm all for growing organic. Planting veggies from seeds is the best! The dressing looks interesting and delicious, almost like pesto. You're right about arugula, they get bitter and spicy when they're big. Young tender leaves are better. Happy gardening!

  4. Wow! Yummy chicken dishes with home-grown arugula!

  5. Arugula?
    I never come across of it.
    And not very good with vegetables - too fussy a plant to deal with.
    Thanks for dropping by and comments.

  6. Hi Joyce! I am so inspired. I have actually given up on planting from seeds because somehow the garden slugs will get to my seedlings. I must find a way to protect my seedlings before I start planting again. Will check out Lynseed Organics. Knowing me, I'll probably go crazy over the variety of seeds hah..hah..